Smart Energy Solutions



Kelyo is an independent company with a broad scale of  services in the fields of energy, biomass, environment and management.

Kelyo is specialized on several fields and therefore a reliable partner for you to make your project succeed.


Experience and specialized in following fields:

-Biomass and energy projects, biogas, biodiesel, natural gas, LPG,  hydrogen and woodgas.

-Combined heat and power installations  CHP.

-Gas engines for CHP, compressor or generator.

-Diesel engines for CHP, compressor or generator.

-Organic ranking cycle installations ORC.

-Cooling equipment.

-Steam and heat conversion.

-Pyrolysis and gasification installations.

-Gas flares.

-Gas compressors, gas cleaning and cooling.

-Energy saving.


We can support you with: 

- Design, feasibility study, realization, exploitation and maintenance for your project.

- Troubleshooting, repair, profitability, exploitation, maintenance  and optimization of

  your existing installation.

- Energy scan of your current installation. Your energy consumption and invoice is always too high!

- The supply of all the above mentioned components.


Management and CEO: Kees Boone


Kees Boone is already more than 25 years active   in  above mentioned applications.

Several projects prepared and realised among other   things;

lamb weston meijer: basic design, feasibility   and engineering. Gasturbines with steam boilers in   Kruiningen.,

DSM geleen: koeltorens for chemical industry.

MAN Rollo B.V.. Establishment subsidiary company    in Belgium.

Honeywell   Emmen: Gasmotor /aircompressor    with heat recovery.

BGP: Biogas CHP for Sutas in Turkey

Cinergie: Biogas CHP and low emissions flare

Groot Zevert vergisting : CHP, gasbooster and gastreatment

Maatschap Hartlief Lammers: 4 pcs CHP , gasbooster and gastreatment

Oude Tonge: Biogasflare with gasbooster

Goor : Biogasflare with gasbooster

Ashorst : Biogasflare with gasbooster

La Marguerite: Biogasflare with gasbooster ( France)

Biogas Holwerd: Biogasflare and CHP

Van Veen: Biogasflare

Ineval: CHP in Marmilhat ( France)

Almere: CHP with booster and gastreatment

Gruebl automatisierung: Diesel generatorsets for Estonia